middle-eastern sweets

Top choices include Persian saffron nougat and marshmallow-like sour cherry delight ( and nicely chewy Lebanese sesame bars (Baroody Imports; 973-340-4832).

grass-fed beef

Four years ago, there were about 40 U.S. grass-fed-beef producers selling to the public; now there are over 1,000. Minnesota-based Thousand Hills Cattle Company offers exceptionally tender cuts (

artisanal honey

Fireweed, the hot-pink blossom that springs up after forest fires, makes a mild-flavored honey (, while star thistle weed yields a fragrant one (

pre-prepped suppers

Stores like Texas-based Super Suppers ( allow customers to prepare meals to keep in the freezer at home. Dream Dinners launched its first location in Everett, Washington, in 2002; the company now has 135 stores (