You Can Now Order a Travis Scott Combo Meal at McDonald's

It's the fast food chain's first celebrity-named meal since Michael Jordan's in 1992.

Starting today, you can walk into any McDonald's in the United States (or roll up to the drive-through in the ones that still haven't re-opened their dining rooms), ask for a Travis Scott meal and, presumably, the person taking your order will know what you're talking about.

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From Tuesday, September 8 through Sunday, October 4, McDonald's locations throughout the country will be offering a combo featuring three of the rapper's favorite menu items. Each $6 Travis Scott meal features a Quarter Pounder with Cheese piled high with bacon and lettuce ("Travis' go-to toppings," the company says), a medium order of fries with a side of BBQ sauce, and a Sprite.

"Everyone has a favorite McDonald's meal, no matter who you are," Morgan Flatley, McDonald's U.S. Chief Marketing Officer, said in a statement. "Travis is a true McDonald's fan having grown up visiting our restaurants in Houston, not to mention one of the biggest musical acts and cultural icons in the world."

Scott and McDonald's are also "exploring opportunities to support charitable organizations" through their partnership, although the details of those donations have not yet been made public. The Astroworld superstar has also reportedly designed some "custom apparel" for McDonald's crew members. As of this writing, McD's is dropping the Cactus Jack merch (Cactus Jack is Scott's nickname and his record label) through the McDonald's app; a button on the home screen allows users to "Check the Drop," which sends them to Travis Scott dot com.

Last year, Scott partnered with Nike to release a limited edition 'Cactus Jack' Air Force 1, so the multi-talented Texan already has some legit design cred. This isn't his first food-related collab either: he previously teamed up with General Mills for a special $50-per-box edition of Reese's Puffs. The cereal was exactly the same, but Scott designed the packaging… and it all sold out in 30 seconds.

Not everyone is quite as hyped about this McPartnership. According to Restaurant Business News, some franchisees were concerned about the content of Scott's lyrics, while two-thirds of the franchisees who were surveyed about the collaboration reported that they were "opposed" to it. (But one restaurant industry consultant said that McDonald's undoubtedly "vetted Scott properly" before deciding to sell his signature combo.)

This is the first time in almost 30 years that McDonald's has offered a meal named for a celebrity. In 1992, it served the McJordan Meal –– named for Michael Jordan, obvs –– at its restaurants in and around Chicago. The McJordan involved a Quarter Pounder with Cheese topped with bacon and a special BBQ sauce, an order of fries, and a drink which, uh, honestly sounds a lot like the Travis Scott meal.

Maybe in another 30 years, McDonald's can find a celebrity who wants to customize a Big Mac.

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