In the past month, I’ve hopped around from Germany to Colombia to Utah, and I am leaving again tomorrow for a quick trip to Boston. My travel-survival secret is Emergen-C. I’ve convinced myself that the vitamin-packed fizzy drink fends off airplane germs, and I stash packets of the drink mix in the pockets of all of my suitcases, duffel bags and purses. This way, I always have one on hand to pour into my water bottle while on the road.

Since I’m addicted, I was superexcited to learn about Emergen-C BLUE, a new berry flavor that hit store shelves yesterday. Fifty percent of proceeds from every packet of Emergen-C BLUE go to one of my favorite organizations, the Surfrider Foundation. Surfrider and Emergen-C are having a launch party for the new flavor out in Malibu, California, next week, timed around Earth Day. Maybe I’ll make a 24-hour trip and swing by.


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Emergen-C BLUE