The new documentary will premiere later this month.


We know the names of the chefs behind the world’s greatest restaurantsRené Redzepi and Alain Ducasse, for instance. We know they are some some of the most dedicated, talented, and visionary culinary minds on the planet. And we also know that receiving a Michelin star—even just one—is a blessing to a chef and restaurant, a near guarantee that you’ll go down in history for your craft. But what does it take, emotionally and physically, to create a Michelin-starred restaurant? What is the mindset, the day to day life, of a chef who has accomplished that most coveted of goals? A new documentary called Michelin Stars, Tales From The Kitchen aims to tell that story.

The documentary by Danish filmmaker Rasmus Dinesen, which will be the opening film at the Culinary Zinema: Film and Gastronomy Section of the San Sebastián International Film Festival on September 23, follows 15 Michelin star-earning chefs over a period of two years, including Alain Ducasse, Daniel Humm, René Redzepi, Andoni Aduriz, Yoshihiro Narisawa, Victor Arquinzoniz, and Guy Savoy. The film's description says it hopes to expose both the “greatness and flaws of Guide Michelin” and search out a “realistic understanding of life behind the often airbrushed scenes” of the restaurant industry.

Pop culture is having a moment of obsession with chefs—think of the popular Netflix series Chef's Table, which has some of the most accomplished men and women in the world sitting down to explain the method behind their mad obsession with cooking, or Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, which has the one-time chef teaming up with his friend Eric Ripert, the mastermind behind Le Bernardin, traveling the world and trying new cuisine. Audiences want to get inside the heads of these people who are the inarguably the greatest in their field.

Michelin Stars may very well add to that body of knowledge, and even give us an intimate glance at the inner-most thoughts of the featured chefs—in the trailer Daniel Humm, whose Eleven Madison Park was voted the best restaurant in the world this year, even admits, “Michelin three stars, it is something that you don’t even try to dream of.”