The brand announced the move on Saturday.

Rebekah Lowin
June 12, 2017

While you might expect grassy or earthy notes in your green tea, you certianly wouldn't expect it to taste metallic. So if you're a fan of Trader Joe's green tea ice cream, we've got some bad news.

The California-based supermarket chain announced Saturday that they would be recalling all of their Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream from stores nationwide because the product might contain—wait for it—small bits of metal. METAL.

Sadly for lovers of matcha ice cream everywhere, the brand has advised consumers not to eat the pint sitting in their freezer, even if it might not be affected. (All potentially contaminated products have already been removed from the company's many stores.)

Instead, anyone who is currently in possession of some of their Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream is encouraged to bring it back to any Trader Joe's for a full refund.

The good news is that according to reports, no one has gotten sick or injured, at least to the brand's knowledge. If you do think you were affected, though, you can reach Trader Joe's customer service at 626-599-3817.

If you just can't live without your matcha snacks, Trader Joe's might have another treat you can survive on while they sort out the ice cream debacle. Just a few weeks back, the chain debuted a whole other sort of matcha deliciousness: the Matcha Joe-Joe. That's right: Your favorite Oreo copycat snack got a green-tinted upgrade that's apparently subtle enough to appeal to even your most ardent anti-matcha friends, yet full-flavored enough to satisfy your every last matcha craving. Who needs ice cream, anyway?

...Don't answer that. But still, these trendy, limited-time-only cookies are a pretty fantastic substitute. And they're only $2.99.

"These cookies are the inevitable Matcha manifestation of our now-iconic Joe-Joe’s sandwich cookies," reads a press release from the grocery store chain. "Between two crunchy, golden, biscuit-y cookies, you’ll find a layer of sweet crème filling, flavored with real Matcha green tea powder."

Sounds like we'll be able to get our matcha fix after all.