"Flavored with real Matcha green tea powder."


In the battle between Oreos and Trader Joe's lookalike brand, Joe-Joe's, Oreo's been kicking some serious cookie butt this year. First, they unveiled their “Fireworks Oreos” with popping candy inside. (Our team decided the taste of these explosive cookies was a happy medium between “utterly delightful” and “no...no.”) Then, there was Coconut and even Salted Caramel. And just when we thought we'd seen it all with the introduction of the Waffles & Syrup flavor, along came Mississippi Mud Pie.

Oreos: 5. Joe-Joe's: 0.

...Until now, that is.

Since the smaller brand can't possibly compete with cookie behemoth Oreo in terms of the sheer number of new flavors, they appear to be making up for that by channeling all of their creative brainpower into one glorious, out-of-this-world flavor. And that flavor is...drumroll, please!...matcha. That's right: "Matcha Joe-Joe's." Who even knew TJ's was this trendy?

"These cookies are the inevitable Matcha manifestation of our now-iconic Joe-Joe’s sandwich cookies," reads a press release from the grocery store chain. "Between two crunchy, golden, biscuit-y cookies, you’ll find a layer of sweet crème filling, flavored with real Matcha green tea powder."

If you're anything like this reporter and not big into matcha, never fear: TJ's swears the flavors are subtle.

"The slight bitterness of the Matcha is noticeable but enjoyable, balanced with a touch of vanilla extract," the release continues. "The strikingly saturated color of the green tea sweet crème comes from the Matcha powder itself—nothing else is added to achieve its eye-catching hue."

And lest you're stumped on how exactly you should eat this new flavor, Trader Joe's has you covered on that front, too: "Dunk them in a TJ's Matcha Latte or a hot cup of TJ's Organic Green Tea, eat and repeat. Crumble them atop a bowl of TJ's Vanilla Ice Cream, or crush them into bits and use as the viridescent base of a cheesecake. Or, simply eat them on their own for a sweet, green tea-flavored afternoon snack."

The best part? A 10.5-ounce box of Matcha Joe-Joe's is practically a steal at only $2.99 (though they're reportedly only around this summer).

Your move, Oreo.