The product might be too popular for its own good.

cauliflower rice at trader joes
Credit: Alleko / Getty Images

If you’ve ever witnessed the chaos that happens around the cauliflower rice at Trader Joe’s, well, you might better understand—and even sympathize with— the brand’s decision to ration the product.

Each day, hordes of people clamor to get their hands on the grated veggie—and even the nicest-looking people, it seems, will do whatever it takes to claim their rightful bag. Pushing, shoving, passive-aggressive looks...the cauliflower rice section has seen it all.

And for good reason, too: It’s a delicious rice substitute that tastes and looks similar to the real thing, but is made up of cauliflower and cauliflower alone. Pretty great, right? (We’ve actually got some fantastic recipes for using up the stuff in creative ways.)

Unfortunately, thanks to some news from the grocery store chain, the darling of gluten-free consumers everywhere is about to be scarcer than ever...which can only mean that the cauliflower aisle is bound to get even more treacherous. Read it and weep, folks: The store has begun to implement a two-bag limit per customer.

Luckily, the new rule only applies to certain locations, including Millburn, New Jersey and Fairfield, Connecticut, which means you don’t have to plan out your detour around that section of the store just yet. The upside? We have a feeling TJ’s won’t enact the policy at all of their 400+ stores around the country. After all, that’d be a lot of cauliflower-obsessed customers to console. If there really is a flare-up of the issue, it seems relegated to the Connecticut and New Jersey locations.

But for those select consumers, the ration is really going into effect. A representative at the South Orange, New Jersey location told Well + Good that there is indeed a real limit, and that customers can only purchase two bags per day at that store.

Meanwhile, a rep from the Fairfield location told the outlet they wouldn’t be “actively enforcing” the bag limit. So...who’s down for a trip to Fairfield?