Costco and Wegmans also made their way toward the top of a ranking of large companies across all categories.


Your choice to solicit a business is likely based on a couple of key factors: Enjoying the selection of products or quality of service, and appreciating the level of customer service the employees give. It’s certainly true for restaurants, but so it goes for boutiques, supermarkets, online retailers, and just about every other company or mom and pop shop you can think of. Perhaps nothing affects the customer service aspect quite as much as the employee morale. After all, if people like their jobs they’re more likely to exude that satisfaction when dealing with customers. That’s why a list like our Great Restaurants to Work For and Forbes magazine’s Best Employers lists can be, if not simply intriguing, a potential indicator as to where you may want to spend your time and money.

The business-focused Forbes teamed up with market research company Statista to determine the best companies to work for in 2019. The list was compiled by surveying 50,000 workers who work at companies with over 1,000 employees, breaking the categories down into medium-sized (1,000 to 5,000 employees) and large (5,000 employees and above). Despite the fact that the list covers a plethora of industries, a few grocery stores made their way pretty far up on the list — in fact, one cult favorite made it all the way to the top: Trader Joe’s.

Credit: SOPA Images/Getty Images

Among large companies, the Monrovia, California-based chain with it’s simple selection of products and chilled out dress code was named as the favorite among workers thanks to its higher-than-average wages, ample benefits packages, perks like new product taste tests, and a team-minded atmosphere (even execs will rush in to bag groceries if the checkout lanes get swamped). A potential correlation between happy employees and happy shoppers may be why Trader Joe's also tops the list in customer satisfaction surveys, as well. Also making the top five was wholesale store Costco at number 4, along with non-food-related businesses such as Southwest Airlines, drug and biotechnology company Lilly, and electronics company Garmin, filling int the 2, 3, and 5 spots respectively. Another supermarket with a hefty fan following, Wegmans, made the list at number 19. (Read the full list on here.)