The whole milk Greek yogurt is flavored with blood orange, too.

By Rebekah Lowin
Updated June 30, 2017
avocado yogurt
Credit: Tastyart Ltd Rob White / Getty Images

You can’t deny it: Trader Joe’s has been getting trendier and trendier. They jumped on the cauliflower pizza crust craze with their affordable packaged version, and their recent turmeric chocolate bar (officially called the “Golden Spiced Milk Chocolate Bar”) is all over Instagram. To make matters even more impressive, just last month, the brand dreamed up Matcha Joe-Joe’s, featuring a green-tinted cookie sandwich flavored with real matcha powder.

"These cookies are the inevitable Matcha manifestation of our now-iconic Joe-Joe’s sandwich cookies," a press release from the grocery store chain read. "Between two crunchy, golden, biscuit-y cookies, you’ll find a layer of sweet crème filling, flavored with real Matcha green tea powder."

It doesn’t get much hipper than that.

...Or so we thought. Now, the beloved grocery chain is debuting something even more likely to please even the most on-trend foodies out there: avocado yogurt.

Actually, it’s an avocado-citrus mash-up (officially called “Avocado Citrus Greek Whole Milk Yogurt” contains blood orange juice concentrate) and it seems to be TJ’s creative take on the avocado phenomenon. After all, like the famed avocado toast, this is an avocado-based breakfast, too, and it arguably even one-ups the toast in terms of trendiness because it’s—gasp!—gluten-free. And unlike the avo toast sold here in New York City, which can cost upwards of $11, these 5.3-ounce cups are just 99 cents each.

Plus, we really can’t imagine a flavor more fitting for the creamy consistency of yogurt.

“Greek yogurt, best known for its tart flavor and thick texture, becomes all the more velvety when made with whole milk—and then even more velvety when mixed with butter-soft avocados,” the supermarket wrote in a post announcing the new item on its website.

And if TJ’s really wants to get in on the zeitgeist, might we suggest a French-style yogurt? Of course if dairy isn’t your jam, you can still whip up all things avocado, anyway.