burgundy by boat

The most glamorous view of Burgundy's vineyards may well be from the back of a barge, specifically the superluxe Saint Louis, which floats by the famed Côte d'Or and stops for meals at Michelin-starred restaurants. This year's cruises begin in April. For information, call 800-344-6426.

Aw Shucks

On March 31, the end of the oyster season will be celebrated in Seattle at Anthony's Home Port Restaurant at Shilshole Bay with an all-out bash featuring about 20,000 oysters and no small amount of local wine. For information, call 206-286-1309.

Brew Behind Bars

The new Alcatraz Brewing Co. (602-491-0000) in Tempe, Arizona, recalls its namesake with steel sentry towers in the dining room and murals of cellblocks and chain gangs. But is the cake served with a file inside?


Soul food is spreading well beyond the South, showing up at sophisticated spots that are more downtown than down-home. Among them: Bazzell's in Chicago and the new Shark Bar in Atlanta, one of several Sharks that have surfaced in some of this country's most competitive culinary waters, including cities like Los Angeles and New York.

Audio Didact

Audio-Forum's new Savvy Traveler vocabulary tapes teach menu-speak in French, Italian, Spanish and German ($19.95 each; 800-243-1234).