Cool science: KitchenAid's latest refrigerators have wide drawers called deli lockers that can hold trays of hors d'oeuvres; Tupperware's vented FridgeSmart containers give fruits and vegetables the air they need to survive in storage; 3M's MonitorMark labels turn dark if packaged perishables aren't kept cold.

The Baking Habit
Cookbook author Tom Lacalamita visits a pastry-making convent and other culinary destinations in Andalusia on a two-week tour this month ($3,500; 800-676-7843).

Greece is the Word
A new arrival, joining MC2 and Black Cat on San Francisco's hot Financial District restaurant scene, is Kokkari. French-born chef Jean Alberti puts modern spins on Greek classics in an enormous space outfitted for $5 million with a fireplace, a communal table and other neo-Aegean amenities (200 Jackson St.; 415-981-0983).

China Syndrome
Asian fusion is familiar enough on the plate; now French company Christofle sells cross-cultural linens to go under the plate, such as the luxurious "Palanquin" pattern, with its calligraphy-and-bamboo motif ($160 for a 71-inch-by-71-inch tablecloth; 800-799-6886).

Alessi's More
Famous for frowning spatulas and teapots with whistling bird spouts, Alessi shows its more practical side with stainless-steel cookware (from $83 to $163; to order,call Moss at 212-226-2190).