The rideshare service shares where hungry passengers are headed after 11 p.m. in seven major cities.
Credit: John Greim/Getty Images

Beyond the obvious convenience and cost saving, one of the great parts of the ridesharing revolution is that having a night out on the town is easier than ever before. Hitting up your favorite bar can be done without the hassle of sorting out the driving situation. And afterwards, you can feel free to use a service like Lyft to take you for some post-drinks grub without much worry.

Speaking of which, with all this newfound after-party freedom, where are people going to get their late-night bites? We reached out to Lyft to crunch the numbers on the top five post-11 p.m. eateries in seven major cities around the country, and the results were… uh… actually not surprising at all. Yes, plenty of major chains you might expect—the usual suspects like Denny’s and IHOP landed on some lists—but a lot of local standby also finished in each city’s top five… to the point where you could potentially use these lists to pick your next late night excursion.

For instance, in Philadelphia, all three major cheesesteak joints—Pat’s, Geno’s, and Jim’s—made the list. Meanwhile, you had to expect that local fast food chains like Whataburger (Austin) and In-N-Out (Los Angeles) would appear on the list of their respective cities.

“We identified the late night bites by looking at the top rides on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights between 11 p.m. – 4 a.m. local time in each city from January – October 2018,” Lyft told us, explaining their methodology, “and from there we pulled out the top restaurants/fast food by total ride volume.”

Granted, there’s no guarantee that these riders are coming from a bar; they could just be interested in hitting up Taco Bell at 2 a.m. on a Friday night while perfectly sober. Still, check out the lists below—which cover New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Austin, Denver, San Diego, and Los Angeles—and you can ponder what people have been up to yourself.


1) Whataburger
2) Kerbey Lane Café
3) Magnolia Café
4) 24 Diner
5) Voodoo Doughnut


1) Taco Bell
2) McDonald’s
3) Velvet Taco
4) Dimo’s Pizza


1) Lodo’s Bar & Grill
2) ViewHouse Eatery, Bar & Rooftop
3) Avanti Food & Beverage
4) Denver Diner

Los Angeles

1) Denny’s
2) In-N-Out Burger
3) Clifton’s Republic
4) McDonald’s
5) El Tejano

New York

1) Joe’s Pizza
2) Artichoke Pizza
3) The Halal Guys
4) Kellogg’s Diner
5) Katz’s Delicatessen


1) Wawa
2) Pat’s King of Steaks
3) Jim’s Steaks
4) Geno’s Steaks
5) Applebee’s Grill + Bar

San Diego

1) Backyard Kitchen & Tap
2) Denny’s
3) Firehouse American Eatery & Lounge
4) Waterfront Bar & Grill
5) El Chingon