The chefs are hitting the open(-ish) water with a houseboat challenge on Lake Cumberland.

Credit: Michael Hickey/Bravo

From turf to surf, so to speak (okay, it's a lake not an ocean), after last week's beef-themed challenge the cheftestants are welcomed onto two towering house boats on the lake by the crew from Below Deck, Captain Lee and Captain Sandy. “I’ve never been on a lake before,” Eric says. With that, the chefs split between the two boats and check out the small kitchens where they’ll have to cook for 100 people. “We have to clean the boat, decorate the boat, make all of our dishes,” Brian says after looking at the limited amount of refrigerator and counter space. On the top floor, David and Brian are eyeing the hot tub as a potential action station for a porchetta roast. Eddie doesn’t think that’s such a good idea. “Eddie is definitely concerned with my health and well-being,” Brian says. Will he actually serve 100 guests porchetta from a hot tub?

Later, the chefs are in full party planning mode as they start to make their dishes in the kitchens of their respective houseboats. Eddie is prepping shrimp and proscuitto lollipops which he picked because “people love things on a stick” while Michelle is making a potato-crusted sea bass dish with onion dip inspired by her mom. “My mom makes onion dip for like every party,” she says. Everything seems to be going along swimmingly (insert rimshot here) until the power goes out on the entire house boat, bringing their cooking to a halt. “We have porchetta to roast, shellfish to blanch,” a worried David says. “If the power doesn’t come back on soon, we’re screwed.”

Who will win this house boat party challenge? Tune in to find out!

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