The culinary competition roars into the 1920s on this week's episode.
Credit: Michael Hickey/Bravo

Top Chef is back after a surprising double elimination and an early Restaurant Wars challenge that was full of drama (read our recap of last week here and read our behind-the-scenes coverage here). Two chefs, Pablo and Nini, left the competition but we'll soon find out who will battle their way back in via Last Chance Kitchen, so none of the remaining ten chefs should breathe a sigh of relief just yet.

This week Top Chef is heading back in time to the 1920s and ’30s with a challenge inspired by the Prohibition Era. The cheftestants will have to cook for a prohibition-style party, where tipplers would gather to drink liquor and gamble in secret because of the Volstead Act of 1920 which made it illegal to sell or consume alcohol. The law made “bootlegging,” or making and distributing liquor illegally, big business in America and in Kentucky.

Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Graham Elliot, and guest judge chef Ken Oringer definitely look the part as they descend into the party decked out in fringe, hats, and suits inspired by the Roaring Twenties. As they head into the party, they’re flanked by crowds of partygoers outfitted in flapper dresses and plenty of derby and newsboy hats. Some are even doing the Charleston among rows of blackjack tables. The judges beeline straight for the bar where Tom orders a very appropriate Manhattan cocktail. “Now the party’s really started,” says Padma. If anything, this week the chefs' dishes will not only have to stand out amongst each other but over the din of all that revelry as well.

Who will come out on top after this week’s challenge? Find out tonight on Top Chef!

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