Three teams face two eliminations in the plot-twisting finale of Restaurant Wars.
Credit: Michael Hickey/Bravo

When we left the Top Chef crew last week (read that recap here), time was up and this season's (three!) Restaurant Wars teams were about to open the doors on Third Coast, Thistle, and North East for a three-hour service that tests the chefs' planning, cooking and teamwork skills. Right as the buzzer goes off the first wave of 100 hungry guests walk into the dining rooms, ready to eat. Here's a peek at what the teams will face in part two tonight:

North East restaurant, run by chefs Adrienne, Eric, Brian, and Eddie seems to be off to a smooth start with Brian running the front of the house. “As front of the house manager what I’m being judged on is hospitality,” he says. As the first couple of tickets come in the kitchen run by Adrienne seems to go into a tailspin because servers are writing the wrong table numbers. “We can’t afford this today, we need to focus,” Adrienne says. “Things need to be perfect. This is Restaurant Wars.”

When we last saw the Third Coast team, Justin and Kelsey were in a bit of panic because they realized that their front of the house staff hadn’t been trained on their Gulf Coast-inspired menu. The task was supposed to fall to Nini but she fell behind on prep and wasn’t able to get to it. As orders come in the team is struggling to catch up with tickets and put dishes out to the right tables. The wrong dishes are being taken to the wrong tables causing a back up on the line and confusion among Justin, David, and Kelsey. “You can’t imagine how hard it is to try to focus on times and executing tickets when you’ve got all this going on,” an exasperated Kelsey says. David heads out into the dining room to find a half-empty restaurant with Nini only serving one table. Oy.

Which restaurant will come out on top? And which two chefs will be heading home in tonight’s double elimination? Tune in tonight to find out!

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