Restaurant Wars is coming...
Credit: Michael Hickey/Bravo Media

Top Chef Kentucky is back this week and giving viewers one of the most infamous challenges: Restaurant Wars! In the first episode of this two-parter, we see the cheftestants face to face with two of the country’s best chefs and Top Chef alums: Karen Akunowicz (season 13) and Nina Compton (season 11 and 2017 Food & Wine Best New Chef honoree). Both of these chefs have gone on to win James Beard Awards since their time on Top Chef. “It’s surreal to be back in this kitchen,” Nina says. It must be a special Quickfire challenge if those two are there. “It’s really cool to be in the room with them but also so nerve-wracking,” cheftestant Kelsey Barnard says. “As a woman you want to make other women chefs proud.”

Padma Lakshmi explains that the chefs have to make an amuse-bouche. The chefs have 30 minutes to conceptualize and execute a bite that will fit on a Chinese spoon, in a ramekin or on a small share plate. The prize? Immunity in the next challenge.

Later, we find a stressed “Eddie Money” trying not to live up to his new nickname when buying his proteins for the elimination challenge. He asks the butcher for something “cheap” to make his dish because he’s still guilt-ridden over the last team challenge where he spent too much money and ate up a lot of the team’s budget. “Going into this Whole Foods [I’m] just a little more conscious,” he says. “You realize you don’t need a lot of the stuff that you might think you do.” Wise words, Eddie.

Who will win immunity going into this season's Restaurant Wars? Find out tonight on Top Chef!

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