'Top Chef' is back and ready to celebrate the holiday season.
Credit: Courtesy of Bravo

On tonight's Top Chef, the contestants arrive at their home after a stressful round of challenges in episode 2 to find their Kentucky homestead completely decked out with a Christmas tree, tinsel, lights, and a festive Graham Elliot and Tom Colicchio. The table holds a holiday feast complete with roasted turkeys, smoked fish, and radicchio salads. "We wanted to surprise you guys with a little holiday cheer," Tom says. It's a beautiful spread and the chefs applaud, showing their appreciation.

Later, in the Top Chef kitchen, the chefs are tasked with a holiday Quickfire Challenge where they'll have to create their favorite holiday dish. But there's a catch: they only have two minutes to shop in the pantry and they have to put all of their ingredients into a box that they'll have to cook from- nothing else. "Two minutes to conceptualize a dish and finalize all of the ingredients? It's not ideal at all," says Brandon. Their time starts and it's a frantic, mad dash to grab ingredients and place them into beautifully gift wrapped boxes. "It's like going to the mall on Black Friday," says David.

As the clock winds down, the sounds of bottles of spices and oils hitting the floor can be heard as the chefs grab for whatever ingredients they can to make their holiday dish. Kevin looks absolutely frantic as he rushes around the kitchen. "I'm just grabbing more and more flour, I don't even know why," he says. Meanwhile, Eddie is fairly confident that he's "literally got everything [he] could possibly need" for his dish.

Time's up and the chefs head to their stations to wait for Padma Lakshmi to tell them to start cooking. "Before your 30 minutes starts let's all play a game," Padma says slyly as the chefs struggle to catch their breath at their stations. That's right. The chefs are playing white elephant and "gifting" each other their boxes of ingredients. Padma should get a lump of coal in her stocking for this trick. (Just kidding!)

Who will come out on top using another chef's ingredients? Find out tonight!

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