Three chefs enter, but only one will leave with the title of Top Chef.
Credit: Carmo Correia/Bravo

After fourteen weeks of intense competition, the finale of Top Chef Season 16 is here and three talented, ambitious and smart cheftestants are left to fight for the title of Top Chef. Last week at judges' table, Tom seemed emotional talking about how far these chefs have come and how much their food has progressed over the course of the competition. “This has really been a fantastic season,” he says. It definitely has and these three chefs bring such diverse perspectives to food that it’s bound to be a tough fight for the title. Sara is the hometown favorite and has really found her groove making dishes inspired by her Kentucky upbringing. Eric has brought West Africa to the competition for the first time ever and made dishes using ingredients and techniques that the judges have never seen before. Kelsey is a self-proclaimed southern belle who has combined her love of southern cooking with her pastry chef background to create technically flawless dishes again and again. Judges Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Graham Elliot, and Nilou Motamed are going to have a hard time deciding who should win.

As we found out last week, only two of the three chefs will be cooking in the finale and will have to earn their spot by making the best four-course meal they’ve ever cooked. Eric is using the transAtlantic slave trade as his inspiration which is a brilliant idea given his extensive knowledge of West African cuisine and black foodways in America. Kelsey and Sara are confident that their dishes are excellent and will stand up to the competition. “If they tell me this isn’t good I’m going to flip the [expletive] table,” Sara says. Let’s hope the feedback on her dish is positive.

Before they cook their dishes, Kelsey, Eric, and Sara are making the most of their last night in Macau by eating through one of the many markets. The group tries some of the famous custardy egg tarts brought to Macau by the Portuguese. Sara and Kelsey try a tart Lady and the Tramp-style, biting either ends until it collapses onto itself. It’s a cute moment but Eric is still thinking about the competition. “Kelsey and Sara are really close but I don’t care,” he says. “I’m trying to win. I’m not looking back.” As they continue eating their way through the market Kelsey reflects on the long journey to this moment in her career. “I’m definitely trying to soak it all in,” she says. “This is the last time the three of us will be together and it’s bittersweet.”

It’s been a long road for these chefs and the competition only seems to be heating up. Which one of these three cheftestants will take the title? Tune in to the finale of Top Chef tonight to find out!

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