The chefs explore a Macanese market for the Quickfire before ringing in Chinese New Year.
Credit: Carmo Correia/Bravo

Only five chefs are left as Top Chef heads from Kentucky to Macau on the southern coast of China, known for its casinos and cuisine that combines Chinese and Portuguese influences.

First, the chefs get to check out their new digs in Macau. Eric is floored as he walks into a two (or three?) story penthouse suite at the top of MGM Macau resort. Michelle is ready to cook her heart out. “Having been in Last Chance Kitchen I know what it means to be eliminated and what it means to cook your heart out,” she says. “I’m ready to kick some ass.”

Adrienne is coming into the finals hungry for a solo win in an elimination challenge. She wants to win so she can move home and raise a family (good news on that front here!). “This is where I really need to start showcasing myself as a top performer,” she says. Kelsey and Sara are looking for that win too and validation that they’re good at what they do and can hang in this talented crew of chefs. “Everyone here is such strong competitor,” Sara says. “I’m not going to be cocky about it, but yeah, I think I can beat them.”

Then, the chefs are thrust into the finals with a Quickfire in a courtyard in Macau for their first challenge abroad and tasked with using some local seafood to make their dishes. Eric is using snails which is a tough protein to keep tender since they can overcook really easily. Michelle tastes them and says they have a “cool texture” but admits that they’re chewy. Kelsey is making fried fish and dumps a bag of cornstarch into her bowl to bread it but quickly realizes that it’s actually cornstarch which could mess up her dish. “In Asian culture they fry everything in cornstarch,” she says. “This is actually a pleasant mistake.” Will her fish swim to the top of the challenge?

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