Only five chefs remain... or so it seems.
Credit: David Moir/Bravo

And we’re in the finals! After eleven weeks of tough competition, Top Chef in Kentucky is down to five final cheftestants (or so it may seem). Adrienne, Kelsey, Sara, Eric, and Justin are the only chefs left in the house after last week's Muhammad Ali-themed challenge knocked out Eddie. This week, the chefs are ready to take on the final challenge before leaving Kentucky and heading to the finals in (drumroll) Macau! But as with any episode of Top Chef, expect some twists and turns before anyone gets too comfortable with their place in the competition.

In the house, Eric and Justin are hyped and giving each other (loud) motivational speeches before leaving for the day. “I am ready to do this,” Eric says in his confessional. Being so close to the finish line is thrilling but there’s a challenge that stands in between the cheftestants and the chance to be one of the final chefs standing. “Everyone’s nervous about making it into finals. No one wants to be sent home,” Eric adds.

In another part of the house, the women are getting ready and listening to Eric and Justin’s excitement. “Ugh are they still yelling,” Kelsey says in an exasperated tone. “I literally can’t.”

Of course, if you've been watching Last Chance Kitchen, you'll know that there's one more hurdle before these chefs are official in the top five: Michelle is back. The top five are still the top six, so nobody can rest easy.

Will the boys’ excitement help them sail into the finals? Will the girls get a little more excited as they step into the Top Chef kitchen for the last time? Will Michelle pull a Joe Flam and win the whole thing?

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