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'Top Chef's' Eric Adjepong on Being 'The People’s Champ'
The Washington D.C.-based chef set out to prove West African cuisine has a place at the "Top Chef" table.
'Top Chef' Runner-Up Sara Bradley on the Pressure of Being the Hometown Favorite and Coming In Second
"If I went back and changed anything I may not have ended up where I am. It may have been the ripple in time that changed the entire outcome."
'Top Chef' Season 16 Cheftestants: Where Are They Now?
We found out what your favorite chefs from the Kentucky season have been up to since filming the reality series.
'Top Chef' Kentucky Recap: Episode 15 — 'Finale'
Three Season 16 cheftestants made it all the way to the final episode in Macau. Here's who took the title of Top Chef.
The ‘Top Chef’ Finalists On Patience, Passion, and Parenthood
Kelsey Barnard Clark, Sara Bradley, and Eric Adjepong reflect on Season 16 and tell us how they're balancing life as working chefs with their growing families.

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Michelle Minori on 'Last Chance Kitchen' Redemption and What's Next After 'Top Chef'
The San Francisco-based chef is hoping to advocate for others in the industry and explains how her cat made an impact on her cooking.
What to Expect on the Season 16 Finale of 'Top Chef' in Macau
Three chefs enter, but only one will leave with the title of Top Chef.
'Top Chef' Kentucky Recap: Episode 12 — 'Kentucky Farewell'

Five (or is it six?) chefs remain as the competition pays one last tribute to Kentucky.