Week three of "Top Chef" starts heating up—literally and figuratively as the chefs are challenged to cook in increasingly uncomfortable conditions.


Top Chef kicks things up a notch in episode three with a dreaded sudden death Quickfire that forces three chefs to face off against each other and another elimination challenge that requires teamwork.

The chefs, still rattled by the contentious elimination last week, arrive at a quickfire challenge rife with puns. As they work to innovate and update a classic diner dish that owes its name to Denver, some of the chefs begin to crack under the intense pressure of a sudden death Quickfire. They must present their dishes to James Beard award winner Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson. While one chef wins immunity, three more must immediately battle it out to remain in the competition. A tense two-parter has us saying goodbye to one chef too soon, but the show must go on and an elimination challenge is right around the corner.

The cheftestants are divided down into teams for an elimination challenge that demands thoughtful menu planning, catering to an audience known for their ravenous appetites and executing dishes in an unfamiliar environment. The teams are repeatedly asked to adapt as one thing after another goes wrong in the kitchen. Controversial vine celebrity Logan Paul tastes the dishes and fruitlessly attempts to flirt with Gail. The judges join him and returning Top Chef champion and guest judge Hosea Rosenberg of season five. The chefs must work together as teams in confined quarters to overcome obstacles and please the guests as well as the judges.

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Episode 3 of “Top Chef" Season 15 will air on Thursday, December 21 at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT on Bravo and the current season of "Last Chance Kitchen" streams weekly on BravoTV.com.