Chefs battle the elements on another outdoorsy episode of 'Top Chef.'

The judges on episode 6 of Top Chef
Credit: Courtesy of NBCUniversal

This week Top Chef doesn’t let up on the cheftestants after last week's rigorous, physically challenging task. In Episode 5, we saw the return of veteran Lee Anne Wong and previously eliminated contestant Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins in the toughest challenge this season. The chefs took to the great outdoors to create the perfect camping dish to highlight Colorado cuisine while, themselves, camping in the snow.

This week Lee Anne Wong, the first woman to ever compete pregnant on the show, is experiencing her first bout of visible pregnancy-related discomfort. She must deal with the toll and limitations of her current condition while also dealing with the mentally and physically grueling demands Top Chef already asks of its contestants. She may have made an ally in Last Chance Kitchen, but Claudette’s support might not be enough to help her make it through this challenge.

Meanwhile, the other chefs are also dealing with physical limitations, as their elimination challenge has them battling the elements once again. A storm threatens the chefs' cooking materials and techniques, as they must prepare a large quantity of crowd-ready food in a storm. Brother Luck looks unsurprised by the conditions but Chris Scott and Mustache Joe are nervous about their ability to execute. In what promises to be a Chris-heavy episode and at least one transcendent moment where Mustache says “Mamma Mia” on camera (truly a blessing), Thursday looks to be another fierce battle.

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Episode 6 of “Top Chef" Season 15 will air on Thursday, January 11 at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT on Bravo and the current season of "Last Chance Kitchen" streams weekly on