The final four handle some sensitive ingredients and reconnect with their roots in a touching episode.
Credit: Courtesy of NBCUniversal

In the second leg of the Top Chef finals, the chefs continue their journey through Telluride. As part of their season-long trek through the Colorado culinary and geographical landscape, it was only inevitable that the chefs would eventually face a Rocky Mountain Oyster-centric challenge. The chefs must make the unattractive ingredient delectable for their guest judges. Mustache Joe, fresh of his second elimination win in a row, is eager to get his first Quickfire win but feels the increasingly more confident Adrienne nipping at his heels after finally finding her voice and hitting her stride in the competition. Her newfound ambition feeds a competitive Quickfire with renewed energy from the cheftestants, even at this late stage in the season.

After a valuable advantage is awarded to one of the cheftestants, they travel to the venue of their elimination challenge, where they taste food prepared by very special guests that will serve to inspire the challenge to come. We get to know the chefs a little bit better as the final four talk with Padma and the Voltaggio brothers about the foods that inspired them from young ages. In a competitive elimination challenge, the chefs must deal with a time crunch, a creatively challenging concept, and high expectations. The pressure to rise to the occasion is the highest it’s been all season as the chefs are all eager to impress the diners and judges.

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