It’s do or die as the chefs say goodbye to Denver and look toward the finals.
Credit: Courtesy of NBCUniversal

The chefs on Top Chef are feeling the pressure after a brutal judging panel and a shocking double elimination last week. As they work to bounce back after Tom’s evisceration, the cheftestants comb over their past mistakes and attempt to rectify them in a fast-paced episode.

The chefs take an unexpected turn on their way to the Quickfire and end up on a day trip to a spooky location for a similarly eerie challenge. Padma tasks the chefs with the not-so-easy challenge of plating their fears in an unexpected and unfamiliar kitchen. The emphasis of the challenge, and of Padma’s introduction, is not only to translate abstract concepts to the plate but to be creative and daring in preparing a Top Chef contestant’s worst nightmare: dessert.

Multiple mishaps during the Quickfire spill into the elimination challenge where some of the chefs are off their game because of poor performances and continued harsh critique. A surprise visit to the Top Chef kitchen from Tom also lights a fire under the chefs as he makes a startling announcement that kicks the competition into even higher stakes.

Another foreign kitchen hinders some of the chefs while others shine under the increased pressure. The judges have a lot to say about the dishes presented in the elimination challenge after the chefs are expected to elevate their cuisine and storytelling to a level unseen by this season so far. The chefs must represent their food and their stories to the judges, a table of esteemed chefs and restaurateurs, and the Governor and first lady of Colorado.

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