The final four chefs certainly don't stink, but their next Quickfire does.
Credit: Carmo Correia/Bravo

It’s really hard to believe but we’re in the final stretch of season 16 of Top Chef and only two episodes remain! Sara Bradley, Kelsey Barnard Clark, Michelle Minori, and Eric Adjepong are the final four chefs remaining left to fight it out for the title. What’s exciting is that it’s really anyone’s game since all of the cheftestants are so talented and seem to be hitting their strides in these last few weeks.

The chefs seem to be more confident too. During the last judges' table, both Eric and Adrienne challenged the judges' reasoning for putting the two of them on the bottom. Eric’s curry, while delicious, didn’t have the pronounced, bright flavors that Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio were looking for and Adrienne’s pork belly and rice cake lacked creativity. Both chefs stood up to the judges' critiques but ultimately Adrienne was sent home, in an emotional elimination that really highlighted how close the chefs have become over these thirteen weeks.

This week we see Padma introducing the final Quickfire of the season featuring one of the most notoriously stinky fruits (vegetables?) in the entire world: durian. “I like to think of it as stinky feet and a little drop of rotten fish,” Padma says. Yum. Very curious to see what these chefs can make with this ingredient.

Later, the chefs have to cook their hearts out to earn a trip to the finale and get one step closer to being crowned Top Chef. “I have to cook the dish of my life to get there,” Sara says, while Eric adds his perspective: "If you don't feel the pressure, you ain't really alive." At judges' table, a sheepish Tom says “it’s horrible to have to cut someone especially when they’ve come this far.” Absolutely.

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