The executive chef at Spiaggia is ready to settle down after his big win.
Top Chef winner Joe Flamm
Credit: Bravo/Getty Images

After a harrowing season of competition in the high altitudes of Colorado, Top Chef season 15 winner Joe Flamm has decided to focus on the other most important thing in his life (outside of cooking): his family. In a recent interview, Flamm revealed that he would be putting his $125,000 prize money toward buying a house.

Flamm told Bravo that since the season ended, he's has gone back to a relatively normal life, working at Spiaggia, where he’s the executive chef, and “trying to figure out my next move.” He says he still has ambitions to open his own restaurant, but hasn’t solidified any plans on that front yet.

Flamm says that if he were to open his own restaurant, he would stick to cooking Italian food, focusing in particular on Roman cuisine.

Flamm, who has been married for three years, hopes to “set down roots” now that the competition is over. He hopes to use his winnings to buy a house, but no matter what the future holds for him—whether he opens his own restaurant, or stays at Spiaggia—he’s never going to leave his hometown of Chicago.

Earlier this month, Flamm talked with Food & Wine (along with fellow finalist Adrienne Cheatham) about the dishes they were most disappointed in during the competition, the dishes that work the best, and the difficulty of keeping the winner of the competition a secret.

Flamm also gave a word of advice to any chefs who are considering competing on Top Chef: “You’ve got to stay calm, it’s such a mental game. It’s easy for people to get flustered in the heat of it and once you’re there you’re in a downward tailspin,” he said. Clearly, Flamm mastered how to keep his act together under pressure.

The next season of Top Chef will take place in Kentucky and is set to air sometime later this year.