The Top Chef all-star takes a break from launching his Marquee Grill in Dallas to tell F&W's Kate Krader about his passion for Muscle Milk and his weakness for Hooters fried chicken wings.
Muscle Milk

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1. Protein Shake

"I'm a big Muscle Milk guy: I drink 10 to 12 a week. It comes down to finding the right flavor. My wife, Robbie, likes chocolate—yuck. I prefer vanilla or cookies-and-cream."

2. Spice-Rubbed Chicken Thighs

"I grew up on chicken thighs. These days I season them with crushed red pepper and star anise and braise them in a sauce with tomatoes and red wine."

3. Lil Wayne

"I love Lil Wayne; I think his music is just great. He's young, and his message to people is, 'Own it, focus on it.' A typical line from one of his songs is 'Life is a beach, I'm just playin' in the sand.'"

4. Currency

"My wife and I collect money from all of our trips. I especially like Argentina's. There's so much going on: buildings, sculptures, words, portraits, and all the bills are very colorful. Why don't we have pink and blue money in the US?"

5. Car

"I am a freak about my car, a 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe. It's decked out with zero-rated tires, some tight twenties [rims] and, of course, a jamming stereo system."

6. Dallas Cowboys

"I've cooked for [All-Pro linebacker] DeMarcus Ware. He's big into meat, so I made him an eight-bone loin of lamb. And that was just one of his meat courses."

7. Jeans

"I'm all about Lucky Brand because of the stretch they have. They glove you."

Pixar's Up

Courtesy of Pixar / Walt Disney Studios

8. Up

"That's the only movie that ever made me cry. The main character sits in his chair and misses his dead wife. I realized I don't want to grow old without Robbie."

9. Hooters Wings

"If I don't make my own fried chicken, I trust Hooters wings—no sauce, just plain. I can take down 50 of them when I'm rewarding myself."

10. Jump Ropes

"They are a key piece of workout equipment for keeping your agility up and your legs looking good—no one likes to have chicken legs."