Winning Top Chef Season 4 made Stephanie Izard a celebrity. Now she has an excellent new restaurant, Chicago's The Girl & The Goat, to keep people talking. Here, 10 of her passions.

Stephanie Izard - Lululemon Workout Gear

Courtesy of Lululemon

1. Workout Gear

"Lululemon makes yoga-inspired outfits. I think it's the best workout gear ever."

2. Vacation

"Last year, I dove in Honduras with dolphins and reef sharks. One shark got his head stuck in the feeding bucket: He looked like a dog playing with a toy."

3. Go-To Dish

"Everyone who tastes my mushroom ragout loves it. I can make it with almost any mushroom. I serve it with fish, I serve it with pasta and I serve it as a side dish, too."

4. Fish Purveyor

"Sea to Table connects chefs directly with fishermen. It's the kind of sustainable company I like to support. They organize a 'rodeo' in the Bahamas where people spear the lionfish that have overrun the reef."

5. Driving Music

"Lately, I've been listening to 'Mexico' by James Taylor. I just play it over and over in my car, and I go on a little fake vacation to Mexico when I hear it."

Stephanie Izard - Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Courtesy of Buffalo Trace

6. Cocktails

"I love old-fashioneds. We bought our own barrel of bourbon from Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky, and now we're aging old-fashioneds in the barrel."

7. Country Music

"Singer Zac Brown came into The Girl & The Goat recently. One of my butchers is really into his music. It's hysterical to see a big, hard-core tattooed guy breaking down whole animals and listening to country music."

8. Gelato

"My favorite flavor is the salted peanut from Chicago's new Black Dog Gelato."

9. Goats

"'Izard' is a type of goat from the Pyrenees mountains, so I wanted to include a goat reference in my restaurant name. And then I had to put goat on the menu; I realized how much I love it."

Stephanie Izard - 24

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10. TV Show

"I started watching 24 on DVD after Dennis Haysbert [David Palmer] ate in my restaurant two nights in a row. He has the nicest voice, and he's into food. Now I'm obsessed with 24."