Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson, chef and co-owner of Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder, CO, competed on Top Chef Masters. Here, he takes time out from yoga to tell F&W’s Kate Krader about his other obsessions.

By Kate Krader
Updated March 31, 2015

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1. Jay-Z

“After he played at the Pepsi Center in Denver, we re-opened the restaurant for him and Beyoncé at 1 a.m. He was into it. He loves Italian wines.”

2. Italy

“I’m more obsessed with the Italian coast than anywhere else in the world. I dream of being able to eat on the ocean in America the way you can eat on the Adriatic Sea in the Mediterranean.”

3. Magnums

“Whenever I have a little money, I buy a magnum of wine. The greatest wines are even greater in large-format bottles. My latest purchase is a mag of 2004 Giacomo Conterno Barolo.”

4. Spinach Sformati

“This sformato, an Italian custard, is silky, with plenty of cheese—I coat the molds with Parmesan. It’s a great dish to have with both crisp and rich whites.”

5. Mountain Biking

“The cool thing about Colorado is how well you can train here, for mileage and climbing. My favorite ride is Kenosha Pass. It’s 25 miles out and back, rising from 9,000 feet to nearly 12,000—a dramatic elevation ride.”

Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson, yoga devotee. Photo © Julia Vandenoever.

6. Yoga

“I try to do it five or six days a week. I do it all: hot yoga, power yoga, bizarre Forrest yoga. I don’t think I really breathed before yoga.”

7. Kids’ Apps

“I have great apps for my four-year-old, Lydia. ‘My First Words, Animals’ shows a picture of an animal, like a lion. You slide the tiles to spell lion, then it roars.”

8. Steve Jobs

“I’m reading his biography by Walter Isaacson. Jobs reminds me how important it is to make something better and better each day.”

9. Menswear

“I’m really into fashion. I love the shirts from Piombo—their cut and the way they fit. And I always check out The Sartorialist blog.”

10. Gibson Guitar

“I play a little bit. I have a 1976 Gibson Custom L-5 with a sunburst finish. I’ll plug it in, put on some Wilco and sing along.”

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