Top Chef Top 10: Hubert Keller

He's a Top Chef MVP: a judge on Top Chef and Just Desserts and a Masters contestant. The owner of Fleur de Lys in San Francisco and Las Vegas is also a DJ and a Lady Gaga fan. He tells F&W's Kate Krader about 10 of his passions.


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1. Motorcycle

"My dream bike is the ultimate customized Harley-Davidson, in different shades of red. The customized ones are very long in front, and the back is really fat."

2. Target Shooting

"It's my favorite sport. I love the competitive side of shooting, and the need for precision and speed."

3. Red Rock Canyon

"I've been going to Las Vegas for years, but I only recently discovered Red Rock. Early in the morning the light is majestic."

DJ equipment

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4. DJ Equipment

"I have a regular deck for DJing parties. I would love a new one, the Pioneer DJM-800. It's amazing: It's like having two decks that talk to each other."

5. Stuffed Cabbage Cakes

"My trick for making individual cabbage cakes: Use a coffee cup to mold the stuffing in the cabbage leaves. Different meats are good: I add bacon to the veal and sausage."


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6. Cocktails

"When we create cocktails at Fleur de Lys, I'm always part of the drink-making process. Recently, we created a drink with rum, tequila and guava. We didn't know what to call it, so I put the question up on my Facebook page. We ended up picking the shortest name: Hangover."


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7. Poodles

"Growing up, my family always had French poodles. They were always black, and they always had the same name: Zezette."

Berkel meat slicer

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8. Berkel Meat Slicer

"My wife bought me a red one from the '50s for my birthday—I was born in 1954. When friends are over, we stand around it with glasses of wine and slice prosciutto."

9. Rieslings

"I'm from Alsace, so I always say a grand cru Riesling is one of the greatest white wines in the world. And it's very food-friendly, too."

Lady Gaga

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10. Lady Gaga

"We saw her in San Jose, California. She was fabulous; her outfits are crazy. The staging is great, but it's her voice that's most amazing."

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