Cole will take over management of Muse in April.

Laura Cole
Credit: Bravo/Getty Images

If you’re headed to Alaska anytime soon, you might want to make a pitstop in Anchorage. Starting on April 9, the Anchorage Museum’s Muse restaurant will be managed by none other than Laura Cole—a Top Chef season 15 alum and three-time nominee for a James Beard Best Chef Northwest award, reports Anchorage Daily News.

“Laura’s approach to food is about elevating and defining place in a way that respects and reveres its distinct characteristics and people,” Julie Decker, Anchorage Museum Director and CEO, said in a statement.

Cole has been a major player in the state for years. She moved to Alaska after college to work at a lodge at Denali National Park, and now, she’s the executive chef/owner at 229 Parks Restaurant and Tavern, which also happens to be right outside the park. During our conversation with Cole in 2017, she told us she wished more people knew how many “unique foraged ingredients” are involved in Alaskan cooking. While there aren’t many details available yet about what changes Cole may bring to the restaurant (or the menu), we can guess that fresh, local ingredients will be involved. The museum's statement also highlighted a few of Cole's signature dishes, ranging from Alaska bouillabaisse with saffron aioli to reindeer ragu with mint and house goat ricotta. She will continue to work at 229 Parks in addition to Muse, and will bring certain staff members, including the sous-chef and general manager, to Muse, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

If you can’t make it all the way out to Anchorage for some elevated museum dining, fear not—The Met will offer rotating seasonal menus all throughout this year in a collaboration with chef John Fraser. We recently got to try the winter menu, and it was definitely worth the trip. If you’re interested, reservations can be made here.