Tastemade miniaturized dishes from Adrienne Cheatham and Joe Flamm final meal.
top chef tiny kitchen treatment
Credit: Courtesy of Top Chef

On Thursday's finale of Top Chef, the stakes were enormous—but during one particular moment, the steak was very small. Yes, as you may have noticed, two of the dishes made by season 15's contestants in Colorado were rendered in classic tiny fashion by Tastemade's micro-culinary YouTube sensation Tiny Kitchen, which creates bite-sized versions of dishes that are been scaled-down to toy levels without changing their proportions or shape.

For Chef Adrienne Cheatham's Spoon Bread appetizer, which incorporated uni, ham, and a wheat tuile, Tiny Kitchen's expert, surprisingly normal-sized hands broke out one of the smallest spoons imaginable. Starting with what appears to be a quail egg, the chef beats it (which doesn't take very long), then creates a separate, equally small mixture of dry ingredients before steaming up a tiny amount of milk.

The chef adds what is almost literally a drop of milk to the dry bowl, then mixes in the egg, all with that tiny spoon. Once it's poured in the world's smallest ramekin, it bakes in a little oven. The rest of the dishes' components are also simmered and fried and it all comes together in some elegantly itty-bitty plating that may take even more precision than the normal sized version.

And when it comes to Chef Joe Flamm's Rustic Italian-meets-Rocky-Mountains "Manzo Di Colorado Beef" Beef Ribeye, Tiny Kitchen has impressively found a delicious looking and tiny cut of meat that somehow appears to have similar proportions to the normal-sized ribeye. After searing it with a teensy pat of butter along with maybe a quarter of a clove of garlic, then putting in the tiny oven, Tiny Kitchen prepares the accompanying vegetables—and however the Tastemade channel found such small asparaguses, they're a sight to look at on a plate that's worthy of the newly-crowned Top Chef champ.