Adrienne Cheatham will bring her unique take on Southern soul food to Harlem, starting this weekend.

adrienne cheatham on top chef
Credit: Courtesy of NBCUniversal

Fresh off last night's Top Chef Season 15 finale, runner-up Adrienne Cheatham is wasting no time in making the most of her rising culinary star. As she shared with Food & Wine Culinary Director Justin Chapple on the special edition Mad Genius Live: Top Chef Kitchen Showdown earlier this week, she's launching a new series of pop-up dinners in her home neighborhood of Harlem starting this weekend, with ticket details soon to be announced on the chef's Instagram account.

Called "Sunday Best," Cheatham tells AM New York that the dinners will consist of five to seven courses prepared for between 12 and 20 dinners, with prices most likely below $100 a person. The type of cuisine itself will be familiar to anyone who watched her rise from early rounds as a struggling contestant to nearly winning it all thanks to the decision to more confidently embrace her own style, upscaling southern soul food with an array of ingredients from around the world.

And yes, if you're wondering, this does mean you'll probably be able to try things like theSpoonbread with sea urchin, buttermilk dashi, ham, caviar, and tuile wafer that wowed the judges last night for yourself, with other dishes from Cheatham's show run potentially included as well. And for the more casually inclined, don't be afraid of the name: the dinners, says AMNY, will be set in a series of intimate settings that Cheatham says will be relaxed and comfortable.

Instead, the term represents the chef, who will run the whole kitchen herself, putting her best foot forward, as well referring to the term used by black communities in the segregated South, who, like her father's family in Mississippi, were forced to always take pains to present themselves in the best possible manner. With plenty of time to prepare (since, while airing yesterday, Top Chef actually wrapped back in June), and some serious determination and skill, it seems clear that the series will likely live up to the name.