5 Essentials for Parties Outdoors

After years of creating pieces by hand, potter Frances Palmer is now designing the Pearl Collection, a ready-made line of china ($225 for a platter; 212-826-8900).

Designer Charlotte Hargreave's new "Carafe with Glass" line features cheerfully hued glass duos ($220 for two;

Dutch designer Chris Kabel's "Shadylace" Parasol for Droog Design has branch and leaf cutouts ($695;

A mix of tequila, vodka and California pomegranates, PAMA liqueur is delicious mixed with club soda ($25;

Perlick, which sells beverage equipment to Major League ball-parks, is debuting its first wine fridges for outdoor kitchens (from $3,250;

9 Picks for the Grill Master

Taming the Flame author Elizabeth Karmel's new Grill Friends Silicone Mop has 167 flexible silicone bristles to help spread sauce evenly ($12;

Dustin Hoffman's personal chef, Yossi Faigenblat, has a new kitchen-products line, Chef Yossi, which includes burn cream made with tea-tree oil ($16;

Steven Raichlen's Double Prong Bamboo Skewers prevent kebabs from spinning or slipping (from $8 for 16;

Equipped with a nifty light, the new Lumatong, by grill expert Steven Raichlen, is excellent for nighttime grilling ($20;

Best New Fire Starters

1. Oval Planks Delicately fragrant white cedar and golden birch planks ($13 for two planks;

2. Binchotan Charcoal A low-smoke charcoal used in Japanese robata grilling ($13 for 500gm of briquettes at Korin; 800-626-2172).

3. Barrel Chips Made from small pieces of the barrels used to age bourbon ($7 for 2 lbs;

4. Bamboo Charcoal A clean-burning charcoal ($5 for 100gm of briquettes at Korin; 800-626-2172).

5. Grooved Charcoal Kingsford's Sure Fire Grooves light quickly ($3 for 4 1/2 lbs;

10 Tasty Ideas for BBQ Fans

Q&A: Jon Beeaker, Acme Food & Drink

At his new Portland, Oregon, spot (1305 SE Eighth Ave.; 503-230-9020), Jon Beeaker serves barbecue with both Pacific Northwest and global twists. Here he shares his barbecue wisdom.

Top barbecue spot? The original Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Syracuse, New York, where I went after concerts growing up (246 W. Willow St.; 315-476-4937).

Grilling equipment you'd buy with $1,000? A Traeger wood-pellet grill, since it heats more quickly and evenly than a charcoal grill (

How is the world of barbecue changing? I see people trying different barbecue styles. I'm serving Korean beef short ribs with kimchi. I like the worldly approach to barbecue.

At Espuma in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, chef Jay Caputo is rescuing Deckle (the delicately marbled, usually overlooked cap over the rib eye) from obscurity by featuring it in a cheesesteak. To raise awareness of the cut, Caputo even wears a "Got Deckle?" T-shirt (28 Wilmington Ave.; 302-227-4199).

One of the country's top barbecue joints, the 37-year-old Driftwood, Texas, institution Salt Lick, has just brought its supertender brisket to Las Vegas's new Red Rock Casino (11011 W. Charleston Blvd.; 866-767-7773).