By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 14, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of EAT24

You ever been so hungry you don’t even know what you want to eat anymore? Or maybe you and your significant other are sick of arguing over what to order? Whatever your reasons for hating the decision-making process inherent in picking a meal, this new app’s got you covered.

Hangry by EAT24 – currently only available in the iTunes store – takes most of the decision making process out of online food ordering. Simply tell the app how many people you’re feeding, what kind of cuisine you’re in the mood for (or even skip that part and select “Surprise Me!”) and then click the Hangry button. The app then uses a “fancy algorithm thing” to create an order for you. As the company describes it, “Basically, it’s like hitting Shuffle on a giant playlist but instead of a Bon Jovi song, you get the Aloha Pizza Special with extra Aloha.”

Of course, just like when you’re listening to a random playlist and a Bon Jovi song comes on, sometimes you just want to skip it. Hangry handles this problem too: simply swipe to refresh your order with another random selection. Once you find something that sounds good, (let’s call it the “Tumbling Dice” of random orders), you just pay and wait. (And maybe pray a little, depending on how random the order really was.)

Though it’s doubtful Hangry will permanently replace the time-honored tradition of picking something you want to eat, the concept could be a fun change of pace. Or it could come in handy for those who are super hungry, but super can’t handle using a complicated ordering app. (You know who I’m talking about. Puff, puff, wink, wink.)

[h/t Eater]