Chick N' Hawk will be a loving nod to the '90s serving up both chicken and seafood.

Tony Hawk
Credit: Rich Polk / Getty Images

Not that fried chicken hasn't always been a crave-worthy dish, but the explosion in chicken restaurants in recent years is hard to understate. In retrospect, Fuku helped foreshadowed the trend, but the Popeyes' The Sandwich blew the doors off. Then, the pandemic turned the trend toward wings — and everyone from Applebee's to Guy Fieri jumped on the madness with new ghost kitchens. Even non-chefs are getting in on the craze: Just last week, Drake invested in a hot chicken chain.

So with that as background, does acclaimed California chef Andrew Bachelier opening up a fried chicken-led joint in Encinitas with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk seem sensible? Yeah. It could actually be the smartest chicken-related idea I've heard all year.

Chick N' Hawk, as the new restaurant will be called, is slated to open by spring of next year in the old Fulano's space near N. Coast Highway 101. The 1,500-square-foot restaurant plus patio area is currently being remodeled and will eventually offer both full-service dining as well as a casual ordering option, ostensibly for people who want to grab their grub and wander off to the skate park, according to Eater San Diego.

Bachelier — who most recently earned praise at Jeune et Jolie in Carlsbad — will reportedly make the new venture his first solo restaurant in his two-decade-long career. Apparently, the original plan was to focus almost entirely on chicken sandwiches, but the concept has since expanded to include seafood like shrimp cocktail, fish ceviche, and other raw bar items, as well as featuring local ingredients and seasonal produce. And, oh yeah, the new restaurant will also feature a full cocktail bar.

As for Hawk, he told Eater that not only is he the restaurant's chief taste-tester, he's also helping with the design of the restaurant which, as should probably be expected, will be a loving nod to '90s skate and surf culture. Surfing and chicken sandwiches — as long as you wait an hour after eating, it's a winning combo!