The saga of Stewart's missing pie dish has come to an end at last. 
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Let me take you back to October 18, when New York magazine ran a series in which now-famous New Yorkers visited their very first apartments in the city, our blessed queen all of all things home, kitchen, and garden, Martha Stewart, among them. Stewart took a jaunt to her former penthouse, now occupied by Real Housewives of New York star Tom D’Agostino, Jr. Ever the class act, Stewart baked her host an apple pie while they chatted, but she was betrayed: After leaving in a whirlwind, Stewart realized she left without her pie dish—and it was never returned.

Let’s get a couple things straight first: Stewart paid just $125 per month when she lived in the apartment in 1961. Not relevant to the pie dish, but I felt you should know that. In the New York magazine article Stewart concedes that while the Real Housewives franchise is not her “cup of tea,” she does know some of the stars of the show personally. Her relationship to the show still could not bring her to praise D’Agostino Jr.’s renovation of the penthouse, though, which she referred to as “dark and enclosed” and “masculine-looking.” And really, when it comes to interiors, Stewart knows what she’s talking about.

“I think he liked the fact that I brought him an apple pie. He still hasn’t returned my dish, though,” she goes on to remark.

Someone on Team D’Agostino insisted, to Page Six, that he or she had tried to return it, claiming it’s only a “cheap” Pyrex dish, after all. But it’s Martha Stewart’s favorite pie dish, regardless of the brand, and we do not speak disparagingly of Martha Stewart.

Well, our national nightmare is finally over. D’Agostino reportedly left the pie dish with his trusty doorman, and one of Stewart’s presumably numerous assistants returned to the building to retrieve it on her behalf. The dish is—we hope—now safely back in Stewart’s possession, ready to once again to be the vessel for her, no doubt delicious, apple pies.

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