The Patriots player smoked The Late Show host in a beer chugging contest. He also tried his first-ever strawberry. (Yes, you read that correctly).
tom bray TB12 new book
Credit: Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has reserved space in sports history as one of the NFL’s greatest players—and in pop culture as an athlete with some seriously distinctive dietary choices.

Brady has revealed that, as part of his strict eating regiment, he drinks up to 25 glasses of water a day and eats so much organic produce that fruit and vegetables constitute about 80 percent of his diet. (This all appears somewhat less extreme in light of how many other athletes, including those of Olympic caliber, have pretty strict or seemingly unusual diets.) He and those familiar with his eating habits have also shared that he never stocks strawberries or coffee in his kitchen; he “treats” himself to raw desserts; and though he’s largely cut beer out of his diet, he was and still is a great beer chugger.

During a visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his new book, The TB12 Method: How to Achieve A Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance, the Patriots player, cookbook author, meal kit line owner, and (healthier) candy company investor addressed a few of his quirks—specifically, strawberries and beer. The late night host noted that Brady admitted to not liking strawberries, and questioned how this could be possible if he’d also never tasted one. While Brady clarified that he doesn’t like “the smell” of strawberries, he did go on to prove that they are not for him. After Colbert placed a bowl of the red berries on his desk, the two clinked fruits and Brady tasted his first-ever strawberry.

“Not that bad,” Brady said to the crowd’s cheers, looking like he got slapped in the face. “Mom, are you proud of me?”

Colbert also had one of Brady’s favorite drinks to help wash it down. After explaining that when he was young he “had the worst diet,” the football player gave viewers a first-hand look at the role beer played in his past dietary indiscretions. Colbert pulled two beer-filled glasses out from under his desk, and the duo proceeded to happily, but competitively, down the contents.

It wasn’t much of a competition though. Brady finishes his beer in what could be considered a single gulp and has time to calmly go back for the remaining froth before Colbert knocks his out.