When it comes to 'tending this bar, humans need not apply.
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

The world's continued reduction in non-Amazon things has made its way to an unexpected part of Tokyo: the bar scene. Opening Oct 20, the Amazon Bar will be located in Tokyo's Ginza district, a popular shopping destination known for its fashion and electronics stores, the latter of which may have more in common with this bar than you'd first expect.

Rather than staffing the Amazon Bar with human bartenders and printing menus that exist in the physical realm, Amazon has incorporated (some) people's love of quizzes to create a "virtual" drink recommendation system. Instead of muttering "the usual" or rattling off a custom take on an obscure drink to impress your friends, customers will use a tablet (pesumably a Kindle Fire) to answer a short set of questions about, according to SoraNews24, their "preferences and cravings," and receive recommendations in return.

The bar, then, is really more of liquor store, since the recommendations it points you to are beer, wine, sake, and other spirits available along shelves lining the room that surrounds its circular ordering counter. Fortunately for anyone who's read any sci-fi story about AI ever, that means that Amazon has not built any android servants to mix your drink, although a human sommelier will be present to help should the technology somehow not satisfy.

And that's not all—as you choose between virtual and organic service in the drink department, Amazon Bar will also entice you with free food. The first plate of a meal series made with ingredients from the AmazonFresh grocery delivery service will be complementary, after which you can start paying for your limited edition red wine Pocky like everyone else. The Amazon Bar will only be open from Oct 20 through Oct 29, so study for the selections for that drink quiz while you can.