By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 04, 2016

Uploading videos of kids’ excited reactions to Christmas gifts has become as much of a holiday tradition as gingerbread and trees. And though few YouTube videos will ever reach the viral heights of something like Nintendo 64 kid, every year, someone nails that internet-friendly mix of cute and funny.

One of this year’s gift opening stars is a toddler named Anthony who was overjoyed to get his very own bottle of – of all things – A-1 Steak Sauce. “I’m not going to share this,” the tyke proclaims upon unwrapping the Kraft product, retail price about four bucks. “It’s very special for me.”

According to YouTuber Keith Corbin, father of the steak sauce fan, Anthony “was telling everyone it was a special bottle with Reindeer Spices and that Santa made it just for him!” How Santa would have added those “reindeer spices” is a detail that gets left up in the air, though it doesn’t sound like a promising fate for Donner and Blitzen. But much like seeing a little kid who is overjoyed about getting mass-market steak sauce for Christmas, not everything needs a logical explanation.

It’s good to see unspoiled kids out there who can still enjoy the simple things in life. I think Anthony has quite the future ahead of him—possibly as a corporate shill. Hey, don’t scoff: Those are well paying gigs.