Barring crazy world news, I should be on the Today show tomorrow, March 16, during the fourth hour, with regular host Hoda Kotb and guest host Kirk Cameron (strange but true—my pal Kathie Lee G. is away on vacation, and Kirk Cameron is stepping in for her).

The subject: wines that last longer once the cork has been pulled—or the screwcap removed, or the box-spout unwangled, or whatever. So I'll be mentioning big, tannic, oomph-filled reds, off-dry whites, bag-in-box wines (the bag collapses as the wine is poured out, so no oxygen ever touches it), and, oddly enough, the weird little subcategory of orange wines.

I'm also going to have the hosts do a wacky taste-test at the end of the segment—should be fun. Tune in around 10:45 eastern time.