Just got back from a rehearsal for a spot I'm doing on NBC's Today show tomorrow about high-end star wines and bargain wines that give you a hint, an intimation, yep, a gosh-dern ghost of a sense of what those world-class wines are like. Rehearsal for Today goes like this: you show up at the studio, a union guy pulls the bottles out of the boxes and puts them on the table that's on the set, the set designer arranges them, says, "Good?" You look at them, you say, "Good!" too. And then he leaves. And then you discuss the segment with the producer for some time, and everyone agrees that everything else is good, too. All this is after you stand around in the wrong studio for quite some time, wondering where everyone is, at least if you're me.

The particular bizarre note that promises to make tomorrow's segment, um, less predictable than usual, is that I'll be working with two hosts, one of whom is apparently going to be Joan Rivers.

I think a year that encompasses talking with both Barbara Walters about beer and Joan Rivers about wine is one mighty strange year.

It'll be on around 10:40 or so Eastern time, I'm told.