NBC Today surprised me once again by throwing an unexpected guest into my segment (on wine & chocolate pairing, of course, this being Valentine's week). Susan Lucci. Never seen All My Children, but she's been on it for 38 years straight, apparently, playing Erica Kane—who, according to is "not merely a woman, but a force of nature."

Man. I want some major broadcast media site to write something similar about me. "Not merely a wine critic, but a raging tornado of tumultuous vino-opinion." "Not merely a man, but a wine-obsessed alien from the planet Zorbon dressed in a lifelike humansuit and bent on destroying the earth in between glasses of Chateauneuf-du-Pape." Or something like that.

Anyway, Ms. Lucci herself was entirely charming, the segment went well, and you can see it here if you weren't sitting around watching TV at 10:53 this morning (scroll down past the truly alarming picture of Marco Canora's undoubtedly very tasty bolognese sauce).