Today is the only day you can snag a slice of the special treat at the bakery's Soho location.

Dominique Ansel’s beloved New York City bakery—home of the none other than the cronut—is getting a special visitor straight from Tokyo for one day only: the Zero Gravity Cake.

The Soho bakery turns six years old today, and to celebrate, the bakery announced on Instagram that from opening to close today, customers will be able to snag a slice of the creative cake, which is usually only available in the Tokyo location of Ansel’s bakery.

The “soft chiffon cake,” is so “light and fluffy,” that it floats inside a balloon—adding another celebratory element to the cake’s appearance at the shop. All you have to do is pop the balloon and eat the slice of cake inside—sorry, the balloon itself is not edible. Don’t worry about trying to catch it with your bare hands once the balloon pops; the cake itself is protected inside a small bag.

According to its Instagram post, the bakery even brought over the Japanese flour used in the Tokyo location to give the cake its “lighter-than-air texture.”

There are still lines for cronuts outside the bakery every morning—which are a staple at the shop—so expect there to be a mad rush today to become one of the only people in New York City that has tried the Zero Gravity Cake.

If you aren’t one of those lucky people who gets a slice, there’s one other tasty treat that’s not native New York that you can try: For the rest of the weekend, Paris-Brest pastries from the Los Angles, Tokyo, and London bakeries—all specialized for the city where it’s made—will also be available. In Los Angeles, the pastry is topped with a stunning orange blossom, in Tokyo, it features matcha and thin slices of passion fruit, and in London, it’s decorated with a chocolate monocle and mustache.

If you plan to stop by for either one, you might want to bring a book. It'll probably be a long wait.