Take a look back at Cookie Monster's first childhood cookie memory.

By Danica Lo
Updated March 05, 2018
Cookie Monster Bakes Cookies
Credit: © Alexander Tamargo/WireImage

Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster! Sesame Street's longtime resident turns 47 today. In honor of Cookie's special day, he teamed up with YouTuber and Nerdy Nummies host Rosanna Pansino to, what else, bake some chocolate chip cookies. Besides getting some flour in his fur, attempting to sneak-eat chocolate chips, and navigating a dramatic vertigo incident with the electric hand mixer, Cookie's cooking segment went off without a hitch:

Cookie Monster isn't only adept with sweet treats in the kitchen—as evidenced by his 2009 PSA about eating a balanced diet.

To this end, Cookie and Pansino filmed a second cooking segment together for his birthday—making a slightly healthier snack of peanut butter and raisins on open-faced sandwiches. "You know they so delicious, me can eat this whole tray of them," Cookie says, adding, "It's a little sticky from the peanut butter."

If you want to see what Cookie Monster was like when he was just a wee little fur ball, check out this just-released video, where he takes a trip down memory lane and reminisces about the first time he tasted a cookie, back when he went by his given name, Sid.

"Me was just a mild mannered little kid," he says. "But then me mommy gave me something very new... so me took a bite and me felt kind of strange—delicious taste sensation, me knew me life was changed."

D'aww. Cookie Monster, never change.