Credit: Courtesy of Pepperidge Farms

They couldn't come at more of an inopportune time, but toasted marshmallow Milano cookies will be hitting shelves on Jan. 1. While the famous Pepperidge Farm treat is currently (and exclusively) available in Target stores, its nationwide debut will put resolution makers to the ultimate test.

We're not quite sure we'll be able to resist the ode to s'mores, so apologies to our diet-craving bodies in advance. That being said, ringing in the new year usually means ringing in a new gym membership. And if these treats are worth it (and we assume they will be), all you really need is an hour or so of treadmill time to burn them off. That is assuming you stick to an appropriate serving size and not the entire box, in which case we're probably S.O.L. because Milanos.

Pepperidge Farm: dashing hot body dreams since 1937.