By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated June 07, 2016
General Mills, Tiny Toast
Credit: © General Mills

When I was growing up, it seemed like there was a new cereal hitting store shelves every week, from Reese's Puffs to French Toast Crunch to, well, basically any Saturday morning cartoon show whose main characters could be rendered into stale marshmallows (I’m looking at you Ninja Turtles). So it was surprising to find that the release of breakfast titan General Mills' Tiny Toast marks the first new attempt the company has made at a breakfast cereal in fifteen years. The last new cereal they came out with was Harmony. You remember Harmony, the nutritional flakes for women, right? Oh you don't? Probably because it was discontinued rather quickly. The oat and corn crunchies in Tiny Toast are shaped like, you guessed it, tiny pieces of toast. If you've ever wanted to feel like a carb-cutting giant on cheat day, your dream is finally a reality.

The toast pieces are slathered with your choice of blueberry or strawberry and boast no artificial colors, flavors or high fructose corn syrup. Designed to be both kid and adult-friendly, this is clearly an attempt to appease all of the current concerns your average sugary cereal raises. The fruity part come from actual powered berries, which the company claims taste more "real" to consumers. What a concept. The blueberry variety apparently resembles eating a bowlful of blueberry muffin, and now I'm wondering why "muffin bowls" haven't become a thing yet. Get on it Pinterest! Still, in a world full of gluten-free everything, it's nice to see a company flipping the ultimate bird to trendy diets by giving us what we all know we really want: breakfast cereal shaped like bread.