Contestants will be tasked with packing an entire dish into one bite of food.

Credit: Photography by T. W. Collins/Getty Images

A couple of weeks ago, Netflix announced that it had filmed six episodes of a new cooking program called Crazy Delicious, in which the contestants might have to pick some of their ingredients from an "enchanted garden" that has been planted on the show's edible set. That's right: the participants can cook with (or just snack on) parts of the set, whether that means taking a bite out of the flowers, drinking straight from the brook, or just scooping up a handful or six of chocolate soil.

It seemed like "chocolate soil" might be the wildest thing coming to cooking competitions next year, but then we heard about Andy Samberg's newest project. Samberg, the Golden Globe-and-Emmy award-winning actor and producer who most notably appeared on Saturday Night Live and Brooklyn 99 will be hosting and producing a show called Biggest Little Cook-Off, which requires each of the two contestants to make one perfect bite of food.

That's right: one bite. The show's own press-release called it an "absurd showdown," and honestly, it's gonna be hard to argue otherwise. "Can these highly skilled chefs make spaghetti and meatballs on a plate the size of a dime? Sushi on a single grain of rice," the release asks. "Find out in Biggest Little Cook-Off."

Samberg said that he was initially interested in the show because he really likes little things or something. "Anyone who knows me knows I love dinky stuff. So when this show about dinky food came my way I said, ‘I like the dinky food,'" he said. "I'm excited to bring my expertise in dinky things to the dinky cooking arena, and I'm also excited to bring a bag lunch, because the food is so dinky I'm for sure going to still be hungry after the shows."

Biggest Little Cook-Off will air on Quibi, the still sort-of mysterious mobile streaming service that is scheduled to launch next April. And, much like Samberg's show, the entire platform has been designed to serve up bite-sized entertainment, and each program's runtime is expected to be somewhere between seven and 10 minutes long.

This is the second cooking show that Quibi has announced so far; in August, it revealed that Tituss Burgess (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) will host a program called Dishmantled, which involves two blindfolded chefs being food cannon-ed in the face by a "mystery dish," and then they have to taste what sticks to their skin before trying to recreate it from scratch.

Yeah, on second thought, maybe that chocolate soil isn't so weird after all.