By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated March 23, 2016
Credit: © Chris Weeks / Getty Images

So you're not happy with the way you were treated at dinner the other night. It happens. As retaliation, you might stiff the waitstaff on their tip or complain to management, or even dump a bunch of sugar packets and ketchup on your plate and draw lewd images in it with a breadstick. And that's normal. (Okay, I only did that last one once). But the point is, rarely would you take to throwing a fit, let alone throwing a giant reptile. But that's what it came to recently at a Studio City, CA sushi restaurant when enraged customer Hiroshi Motohashi tossed his thirteen foot python into the middle of Iroha Sushi of Tokyo last Sunday night the LA Times reports.

The incident occurred after Motohashi entered the restaurant earlier in the evening and whipped out a small snake, which in the San Fernando Valley is usually an innuendo but not in this instance. Management asked him to leave, causing Motohashi to unleash a string of threats, before storming out. Moments later he returned with the python, exclaiming "Fuck you guys," dropping it like a mic and walking out. Motohashi had been seen earlier letting people pet the snake outside on Ventura Boulevard, which sounds weird unless you've been on Ventura Boulevard. Customers and the restaurant staff were stunned, as the snake slithered its way through the restaurant and ended up getting stuck near one of the cash registers.